Tag: 23. November 2012

Comboni Missionaries

The last three days in Cairo we stayed with the Comboni Missionaries who have a large Center at Corde Jesu Church. We got a warm welcome and by sharing the meals with them we often had the chance for interesting talks and meetings. As Fr. Pauls mother had passed away just in October a crowd of people came to celebrate with him the 40th day after her death. Almost a whole day of celebrating a mass, talking and eating together. There the Sudan Catholic Community has also its meetings. So its a mixture of nations, languages and cultures! Sudanese people have their very charismatic service and meetings. There where also some volunteers from Italy who worked with the Sudanese people. Egyptian people come for different workshops and their services. The House is right on Ramses Street very close to Nasser Metro Station, Ramses Train Station and Tahrir Square. Just around the corner there is the Supreme Court House where there was a large demonstration while we were there. Opposite of the church is the headquarters …

Café en Caire

In Cairo you can find some nice old Café where you love to sit and talk and enjoy good coffee and pastry. Two of them we found open. The famous Café Riche and Groppi. As Sr. Wafaa had her birthday we invited her and had a good time together in the Groppi with its” Art Nouveau” interior.