Tag: 14. November 2012

Deir Abu Vena

Quite close to Berba, “just” 24km south on the western edge of the desert you find the monastery of Abu Vena. He was a Saint and monk from the end of 4th century. The old monastery founded by him was hidden in the desert for centuries. The monastery was most likely built around the burial site of Saint Fana. His tomb was found during excavations of an international team representing seven European academic institutions and led by Austrian scholar Prof. Dr. Helmut Buschhausen in 1992. We visited it already for the third time and again enjoyed the quiet atmosphere of the desert and the strong spiritual feeling of the monks. One of the monks was even speaking a little bit German and telling us his touching personal story.

Garden of Joy

“Bustan al Bachja” which means “Garden of Joy” is a green oasis in a brown and grey surrounding. Here children can play in a secure place, families can meet and celebrate feasts. Groups from schools, other parishes or also Muslim organisations use this garden for meetings. The maintenance of the garden is paid by the  little entrance fee all groups have to pay. With Juliana’s watching eye, good watering of the grass and plants and the yearly repairing of broken playground equipment the garden will stay a wonderful place for many people and years!

NDS Berba

In El Berba the community of Sisters of Sion is rather small. In the moment it’s only Sr. Juliana keeping up the wonderful hospitality of Notre Dame de Sion and living their charisma of Dialogue and Solidarity. So she often has guests from the village or is out for visiting families in their homes.