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Armenia 28.7.2017

A day in Edschmiatsin and Yerevan

Edschmiatsin – Kathedrale Edschmiatsin – Surb Gajane Edschmiatsin – Surb Hriphsime Zvarnots Kathedrale Yerevan – Genozid memorial Yerevan – Market hall Evening in Yerevan Weiterlesen...

Armenia 27.7.2017

From Geghard monastery to Garni temple

In rock cut Geghard monastery with amazing acoustic Walking through the Azat valley to the Garni temple Garni temple Evening in Yerevan Weiterlesen...

Armenia 26.7.2017

Crossing Spitak pass, Aparan, Ashtarak, back to Yerevan

Leaving Dzoraget Hotel through Debed Valley Over the Spitak Pass Along the way lots of Armenian honey A special bakery in Aparan: Gntunig bakery On the way to Ashtarak Lunch in the Perch Proshian museum in Ashtarak Weiterlesen...

Armenia 25.7.2017

From Haghpat to Sahanin

Debed Valley Haghpat Monastery Hiking from Haghpat to Sahanin Monastery Sahanin Alaverdi Weiterlesen...