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Blaschkas Glass flowers

Den Vormittag verbringen wir in Cambridge auf dem Gelände der Harvard University. Im Harvard Museum of Natural history bestaunen wir die Glasblumen von Leopold und Rudolph Blaschka aus Dresden. Zwischen 1886 und 1939 schufen die beiden Männer (Vater und Sohn) über 3000 naturgetreue Nachbildungen von Teilen von über 830 Pflanzen für die Universität. Nicht nur die Blüten und Blätter sondern auch die Fruchtknoten, Pollen, Stempel usw. der Blumen wurden aus Glas in zigfacher Vergrößerung nachgebildet. Einfach unglaublich und sehr speziell. We really had an admiring time looking at all these pieces, praising both, God’s beautiful nature a Leopold and Rudolph Blaschkas craftsmanship!

David Playing His Harp, Detail

Tiffany’s at Lockport

On a rainy day we visited the First Presbyterian Church in Lockport NY just across the Canadian / US border to see the Stained Glass windows made in the Tiffany Studios New York. Some of them are made by Louis Comfort Tiffany himself! The latest one in another Studio in Tiffany”s tradition. As expected it took us about half an hour to pass the US border. We had our new Austrian passports with all fingerprints in it and had registered properly via internet from Austria and then we waited in a hall with a crowd of other people. After answering a lot of questions like “Are you member of a terrorist organization?”, writing down our names and date of birth for another 4 times, we were asked to give our TEN fingerprints again and also our iris was scanned! Is this the freedom of the USA which made so many people come to the New World with lots of hope and engagement? Also by the officers allover, in bullet proof vests and with guns, we …