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Villa Meran

Making dreams real – SDS!

The Salvatorian Sisters are wonderful hosts and able to make dreams real in different ways! In Meran we have stayed already in there nice old guest house “Villa Schönblick” for a relaxing holiday. In Beit Emmaus near Ramallah we visited a nursing home run by those Sisters. On some of our earlier trips to the Holy Land we visited Sr. Hildegard Enzenhofer who originaly comes from Upper Austria. She is responsible for this nursing home which is in the small village of Qubeibe / Emmaus. Here the Franciscan brothers take care of a church and small monastery commemorating the story of the two disciples of Jesus going there after they realised that her master was dead. Before the Israeli “separation barrier” cut of the village completely from nearby Jersualem we once visted her with good old jewish friends who made Aliya (Came to Israel from the USA) in 1948 but never have been to this interesting village in their neighbourhood. It was really a fascinating meeting for all of us! With the help of many …