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Trip to Egypt, visiting Sr. Juliana and other Sisters of Sion

Cairo Citadelle

After another day in Berba we again had to drive back to Cairo. Entering this large town we visited the Citadelle. Maria, Gerhard and Barbara walked through these most precious mosques of Cairo. I stayed with Juliana enjoying time in sharing our ideas and thougths about Egypts future. Then we continued to Moqatam, the housing area of the Zabbalin, the “garbage people” and a large monastery.

Petrol lack

Since the revolution there is an remarkable lack of gas in Egypt. In Cairo it is easier to find gas but in Upper Egypt it really is a difficult and a long term project to get the gas you need. Between Cairo and Minia on a distance of 30km we maybe found 3 gas stations with gasoline but no with fuel of 90 or 92 octane. There are at least three different explanations for this situation. Egypt does not have oil or a refinery. So till now always the products like gasoline or fuel had to be imported. Some say the since the revolution in Lybia Egypt doesn’t get gas anymore from Lybia. Lack of money? Lack of gas in Lybia? Who knows. Some say Egypt is to much supporting Gaza meaning Hamas. This support is not very appreciated by the liberal Egyptian people. And the last maybe best explanation means that there is no petrol lack at all, but a problem of distribution in Egypt. Its a question of money and black market! So …

Temple in Dendara

On the way back from Luxor to Berba we first passed Dendara and visited the Temple of Hathor. Dendera is a small town in Egypt situated on the west bank of the Nile, about 5 km south of Qena, on the opposite side of the river. The Dendera Temple complex, which contains the Temple of Hathor, is one of the best preserved temples, if not the best, in all Egypt. Entering this temple from one hall to the next until you get to the Inner Sanctuary you can very well imagine how the Temple of Jerusalem looked like. A fascinating idea! The whole complex covers some 40,000 square meters and is surrounded by a hefty mud brick wall. The present building dates back to the times of the Ptolemaic dynasty and was completed by the Roman emperor Tiberius, but it rests on the foundations of earlier buildings dating back at least as far as Khufu (known as the pyramid builder Cheops, the second king of the 4th dynasty [c. 2613–c. 2494 BC]). There are also Roman …

Feluka on the Nile

At an earlier visit to Luxor we enjoyed a nice ride with a feluka to Banana Island. So we suggested this idea to Gerhard and Maria, who were visiting Luxor for the first time. This time we “enjoyed” almost not moving on the Nil as there was almost no wind. But the tea served by a young boy was good and we had a relaxing time. Why is it the young boy of about 12 years who has to do the whole work on the boat, while two Egyptian men are sitting or even sleeping in the boat? Who will get the money we paid for this trip??? There seems to be much injustice and exploitation of their own people in this society!

Karnak Temple

Gerhard and Maria went with a calèche to the Karnak Temple while Barbara and I went for a walk through Luxor to the Mutrania (Bishops House). During the earlier visits in Luxor we stayed in the guest rooms of Bishop Joannes Zakarias (joanneszakaria (at) But this time he was out for a conference and we did not succeed to contact him early enough. So we found the Boomerang Hotel which is a nice small place to sleep and rest in a quiet road close to the train station and close to Luxor Temple.


After having been to Luxor already several times we thought of some other “events” and places to go, or just to walk through town and promenade along the cornish. A calm promenade along the Nile Cornish is IMPOSSIBLE! Every meter, every second some Egyptians “welcome” you with their commercial interest! Of course, there are almost no tourist! But after telling them that I am not interested in a Feluka ride, in a ride with the calèche to the Egyptian market (Only today, very cheap,…) and what else they offer, every additional offer is just hassling! Barbara and I walked to the Bishops House (Mutrania) to see if there is anybody at home. In earlier visits we liked to stay there in the guest rooms and enjoyed Bishop Joannes hospitality. Really a calm place right at the Cornish to rest from the tourist program. After we did not succeed to contact him before we were happy to meet Suzi, the cook. She immediately recognized us and invited us for tea. Whenever you want to stay with …

Theben West

Again with the little rest of gas Juliana drove us to the other side of the Nile. Gerhard and Maria wanted to see Hatschepsut Temple and the Valley of the kings. Barbara and I wanted to climb the mountain and cross from the Hatschepsut Temple to the Valley of the King as we also did in January 2010. We succeed and again enjoyed this walking through the desert. With the help of the bus driver of “Christian Transport” we got the information where to find gas. One day there is gas in east of the Nile, the next day on the west side. So we find the one and only gas station with a long queue for gasoline and luckily also 92 Octan fuel where only a few cars where waiting.